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I Will Be There – Katie Melua

Katie Melua performs ‘I Will Be There’ – the first single from her album ‘Ketevan

Orchestra: Docklands Sinfonia
Conductor: Mike Batt
Words/Music/Arr: Mike Batt
Produced by Mike and Luke Batt
Video directed and edited by Michael Dunne for Dramatico Entertainment Ltd

via History of Thanksgiving Day: by Studies Weekly – YouTube.

A nice kind of art; painting in a 3D sphere of a glass bottle using different colors of sand to give a nice drawing in 2D from both sides of the bottle.

Artist from Egypt
Source: smilepharaoh

How to Park Your Bike in Japan !!!

Technology | How to park Your Bike in Japan !!!
Keep Your bike! and yes, both wheels are still there when You come back 🙂

english sub, if wanted!

We Will Survive

We Will Survive: Igudesman & Joo + Gideon Kremer & Kremerata Baltica

Kong Recipes

There are a ton of affordable and healthy options to put in your dog’s Kong to keep them happy and healthy. Of course these would also work in any of the other brands of similar toys, Kong is just the most popular.

From Pickles12807

Note! I haven’t seen this “Kong” in Sweden but this type of entertainment is always fun for your dog. Nice tips 🙂

Super Mario Bros Theme played on Sheng

Li Jin Li performs the nostalgic theme from Super Mario Bros. on a Chinese Sheng, a mouth-blown pipe instrument that dates back to 1100 BC.

play by the young Sheng player Li-chin Li

Singing Pumpkins

 Happy Halloween 🙂

Singing Pumpkins 3D Animation Halloween 2006

Tip for Wolf-Dog owner..

.. and Why You Shouldn’t have a wolf-dog or a wolf (wolf cannot be a dog).

Dog Whisperer CESAR MILLAN tries his hand at rehabilitating dogs crossbred with wolf.
Wolf Woman JENNIFER McCARTHY explains the behavior and help with the case.

  • 00:00 indtroducing about this video
  • 05:00 Upland, California – Malamute-wolf mix SHEBA Age: 1
  • 20:36 Mission Wolf – a center with wolf-dogs
  • 21:38 Norco, California – Wolf-Dog RAMSES Age: 4 – English Mastif ROSCOE Age: 1½
  • 32:46 Redlands, California – Wolf-Shepherd mix SOFIE Age: 11 months
  • 44:43 Jennifer McCarthy and Ceasar Millan talk about the subject
  • 45:58 The END

Cesar Millan – Leader of the Pack – Serie: Dog Whisperer  (swe. Mannen som talar med hundar)
Jennifer McCarthy – Dog Trainer & Wolf-dog Expert

Series Producer: SUEANN FINCKE

Big car – Small bridge

District Yusufeli hazuket: An tractor shall pass!

Cool! But, what if -?!

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